Video Visits: Telehealth 

We are able to use telehealth instead of an office visit for select problems. You MUST be an established patient of Children’s Mercy – Leawood Pediatrics to utilize this service, and you MUST be located in the state of Kansas for the appointment.

Billing and Insurance 

We will bill your insurance as a telehealth visit. Most insurance companies cover this cost as a typical office visit. It is your responsibility to verify that telemedicine is a covered benefit under your plan. Self- insured plans may exclude this benefit. 

All standard copays and fees contracted with your insurance company apply. Your card on file will be used unless we are otherwise notified. 

Per industry standards there will be an additional charge for telemedicine visits that take place on Federal holidays, weekends, and after 5pm on week days. 

If you have new insurance or payment card information, please message [email protected] prior to your telemedicine visit. DO NOT send specific card numbers or personal details in this message due to the risk of identity theft. 

Preparing for your appointment

Upon scheduling, please confirm the phone number you would like to be reached at with our front desk team member.  You must complete the pre-visit registration prior to the start of your appointment, which will be sent via text or email, and pay any applicable copays.  Please be available and have your phone with you 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.  You will receive a message with a link to connect immediately with one of our nurses to collect pre-visit information and vitals.  Once your visit with the nurse is complete, you will receive a separate secure text when the physician is ready to meet with you.  Please keep your phone with you and be available to receive this message.  Please be aware physicians aim to meet with you as soon as possible, but just like in office appointments, occasional delays are possible.  You will not be sent a link from the physician until they are ready for you.  The link you receive expires after 10 minutes.  If you do not respond, it will be considered a missed appointment and you will be responsible for a no-show fee.

Please use the following tips to make this visit successful: 


Common Questions: 

Is this secure? 

We take security seriously. We have chosen to use Updox, which complies with HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Updox uses state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. No recording is made of the visit. It will be documented in the patient chart like any other visit. 

Can we use the service if we're not in Kansas? 

Our physicians are licensed to practice in the state of Kansas.  We can only see a patient for a telemedicine visit if they are physically located in the state of Kansas.

Please be aware there are some limitations of telemedicine visits. The physician who evaluates you may determine that you need an in-person office visit. 

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