COVID Resources

What to Expect in the next 2-4 days from your COVID Appointment

1. Your results will be sent via secure text 48 – 72 hours after your appointment.  If you have not received your results after 72 hours, you may then call the office to check the status of your results.

2. You will need to enter a PIN that you have created to view the secure text message.  We cannot reset your PIN and do not have access to the PIN you created.  If you do not remember the PIN you created, you may select “forgot PIN” to create a new one.

3. COVID results will be uploaded to your patient portal within 3 business days of when you received the secure text message.

4. Attached to the results will be documentation to help navigate your child’s result.  This document is also available here

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a message with the phone nurses and we will get back with you.  Non-urgent questions and concerns can also be sent to your doctor through your portal.

Isolation and Quarantine Calculator

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment launched a new tool to help the community contain the spread of COVID-19.  You can now enter the date of a positive COVID-19 test, onset of symptoms or exposure to someone who has tested positive to find out how long you should remain isolated or in quarantine.  Please follow the link to access the isolation and quarantine calculator:

Vaccine Scheduling

Moving forward, please call the office and choose option 2 to schedule a COVID vaccine appointment   

Consent Form must be printed and completed for each child 

6 months through 4 years Vaccine Information Sheet

5-11 Vaccine Information Sheet

12 and up Vaccine Information Sheet

Community Vaccine Resources

Children’s Mercy – COVID Scheduling Hotline: 816-302-6300 – Type in your zip code and mileage range and this website will populate all pharmacy locations that have vaccine appointments available. 

JoCo Health Department:


If you would like to speak with your physician regarding questions about the COVID vaccine, please call to schedule a telemed appointment.

Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines

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